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Patio Screen Repair and Rescreening Professionals in Plantation

Promaster Service’s team of dedicated professionals can re-screen your damaged patio enclosure in Plantation in really no time. We will replace the damaged patio screen and leave it looking like new.

Patio screen enclosures in Plantation can get damaged by a number of factors. It can be due to a hurricane, misuse or even palm trees! Yes, Plantation palm trees can damage your screen enclosure.

This can actually happen in two very distinct ways: The first and most obvious way is if a palm branch falls on the enclosure screen. Most of the time it will make a hole or rip; The second way is when the palm branch just sweeps across the screen but does not rip the screen at first. After some time the palm branch leaves wear the screen out and it makes a hole.

When that happens, Promaster Services is there to help! We will perform the screen enclosure repair on your Plantation home’s patio quickly and swiftly, while helping you save money in the process!

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