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Screen Enclosures Cleaning and Repair

Screen Enclosures Repair

If you have a screen enclosure on your back year, or over your pool, you know that it’s a great thing, keeping insects and other smaller critters away, as well as most of the leaves and dirt, while keeping a fresh environment for you to enjoy that benefits of outdoor living in South Florida, however the screens can be quite fragile at times, and over time, with rain, storms, hurricanes, larger animals, it can be damaged, not mentioning that the materials also wear out over time with rust getting into the frame and the screen itself getting week and tearing easily, and that’s when Pro Master Services gets in!

We can repair your screen, repaint your frame and make your enclosure look like new.

Screen Enclosures Cleaning

Screened porches can accumulate dirt, mold and algae that can create an eyesore and can be harmful to your paint and your health. At Pro Master Service, when cleaning screen enclosures we use a scrubbing method with biodegradable chemicals. We do NOT pressure clean them as it can cause permanent damage to your screen enclosure. Our technique will make your enclosure look fresh and clean without harming your plants or property as we only use environmentally safe products.

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